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Follow through with this story. It’s midnight, you have a proposal presentation at work in the morning, and well, your boss isn’t generally friendly. After hours of poring over research materials and staring at your laptop, you realize you’ve lost so much of your sleep time. The sad part, your mind is running so fast, and you know sleep isn’t coming anytime soon. Perhaps sleep aid is your best option. The truth is, we all can relate to this scenario. While it might occur in various forms, we can all use a little pick-me-up once in a while.

Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid Tablets provide an easy route into dreamland. You can easily catch some zzzs and refuel your body enough to be energized for the next day. If this is your first introduction to this product, there are several things you should know. All of these have been carefully detailed in this review. And if you are familiar with this, there’s always something new to find out, don’t you think? Let’s get right into it.


Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid Tablet is a product of Perrigo Company. It is the first product of Basic Care, the pharmaceutical branch of the mother company. A lot of thought and research has been put into the product to ensure that users get the best results.


  • Tested and effective
  • Gluten and soy-free
  • Contains no pain relief
  • Clinically tested
  • Proven effective
  • 96 count tablets


  • Not suitable for children under the age of 12

What Is Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid Tablets Made From?

Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid is a derivative of antihistamine. It is produced from doxylamine succinate and is tested from third-party pharmaceutical labs to be free from pain relief and any other habit-forming agents. Antihistamines are used initially in treating symptoms of cold, hay fever, and allergic reactions. However, one of the side effects of antihistamine is grogginess. This effect is harnessed to produce sedatives that are very effective and safe for use. While this product is clinically tested and proven effective for adolescents and adult use, it is not recommended for children under 12. This is because there is a direct effect on brain function and the sleep-wake cycle.

Other active ingredients used in manufacturing this product include magnesium stearate, sodium starch glycolate, anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, and microcrystalline cellulose. This product is free from gluten and soy, which makes it consumable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Our Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid Tablets Review

You should be aware that this review is based on personal experiences and, thus, purely subjective. This is important to note because it should not replace professional advice from licensed medical practitioners. If you have any underlying medical condition, ensure you inform your doctor before using any sedative.

To thoroughly review the product, it has been ranked under different sub-topics. All of these categories contain salient points that will go a long way in influencing your final decision. Are you up for finding out if Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid is the best fit for you?

Flavor (7.6/10)

Most sleep aid tablets taste horrific, but since I slept like a sack of hammers, I guess I can get past the bland taste of Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid. I’m never taking any other sleep aid but this. I took about 50 mg, and it knocked me out flat; I must have slept for about 7 hours uninterrupted. This product does not contain any natural or artificial flavor and lacks any specific taste. At the very least, it is not bitter.

It took about four nights before the effects of this product kicked in, but I don’t mind since I had high hopes for it. This is important for those who might not get to sleep for a long time for their first trial. Although I found a gummy flavored variety of this product on Amazon, I doubt it will work for me or any adult whatsoever since it is made for kids. After careful considerations, a score of 7.6 is an excellent fit for the flavor of Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid tablets.

Easy to Swallow (9.4/10)

The pills are tiny and, in fact, chewable; that’s a big plus for me. This sleep aid is terrific. I have a mind that goes wandering off in the dark, which frankly is great for my job as a scriptwriter but horrible for my general health. One of the highlights of this product is the small nature; the pills are tiny, and the bottle is small; you can fit it anywhere. Since the tablets are small, they are relatively easy to swallow. I prefer syrup and liquid injection, but these weren’t so bad.

Although the tablets have a bland taste, you can either take them with juice or water. I prefer chewing them. Funnily, chewing the tabs calms me down, although my doctor says that could be because of my anxiety disorder. I found great reviews about this product online, although there are a few negative ones here and there, I believe this aspect of Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid deserves a score of 9.4.

Sleep Quality (8.2/10)

Frankly, this product should be in the top spot for Amazon ratings. It’s such a miracle. I have explored several options in search of a cure for sleeplessness. I prefer alternative medicine to modern treatment methods, but it seems none of them worked. I have tried soothing essential oils, changing routines, and even burning calming candles—zilch, no effect whatsoever. I eventually rationalized that getting enough rest was more important than holding on to a biased viewpoint. Well, if only I came to that conclusion earlier. My sleep cycle is perfectly regularized.

This product is just as good as the popular Unisom tablets, and they come at a lower price. With Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid, I don’t have to worry about overdosing since the recommended dose works perfectly. Nonetheless, I’ll advise that you don’t have this tablet with alcohol; the combination is just not right. I tried it once after a hard day at work and woke up feeling more stressed than I was the previous night; absolutely my fault. Despite that, I believe the improvement of my sleep quality from this product warrants a score of 8.2, if not more.

Value for Money (9.5/10)

This product works, and it’s cheap. What’s not to love? Compared to other popular sleep aids, Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid is relatively affordable and proffers the same solution as other expensive ones. Most expensive sleep aids almost always have side effects. At least the ones I have used either left me feeling groggy or tired the following morning. Relatively, the low price of this product is somewhat endearing.

Think about it, $9 for a full night’s rest, and I get to wake up with a turbo-charged body? No other product provides such a deal. Often, the ingredients used in making this product are relatively expensive when sold singly, especially the vitamins; imagine buying it at a lower price somewhere else. Besides, since the product works like magic, I can hit the bed and be asleep within 30 minutes; I can’t remember when I experienced such. I could have awarded a perfect score of 10, but 9.5 is pretty much close.

Final Verdict 8.7

We believe by now, you can easily decide if Amazon Basic Care Sleep Aid is the best fit for you. Carefully analyze all the inherent qualities before making a final decision. From the pill’s effectiveness to its great value for money, we believe a final verdict score of 8.7 succinctly summarizes the product’s qualities.

As we have said earlier, this review’s information should not replace professional advice from a licensed practitioner. We have also virtually eliminated biases by accepting submissions from different reviews while accessing other available reviews online. This has provided us with enough leverage to arrive at a conclusion on the product. With just one tablet, you can count on its efficacy for reducing the difficulty in falling asleep. Why not try it out?

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions and Answers

Is This Drug Addictive?
No. This product does not contain any habit-forming substance, and uses aren’t susceptible to addiction.

Will This Product Cause A False Positive Result On A Drug Test?
No. This product is a derivative of antihistamine and will not cause a false-positive result on a drug test.

How Many Hours Does This Product Take To Wear Off?
Approximately 6 hours. However, this depends mainly on the number of tablets you take and its interaction with your body.

8.7 Total Score

Easy to Swallow
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Tested and effective
  • Gluten and soy-free
  • Contains no pain relief
  • Clinically tested
  • Proven effective
  • 96 count tablets
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 12
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