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I have three cats and two dogs. Take a minute and imagine how smelly my room is. Although I love my pets, the smell they produced is not settling with me. Recently, I had to host an office dinner party at my house. One which is needed to impress the senior partners if I was interested in a promotion.

One of my closest friends and colleagues – God bless her heart – came with an entire box of Air Wick Freshmatic air fresheners. It turns out she knew I wasn’t going to get any step closer to the executive role I desired after choking the partners with the horrific smell in my house.

If you have ever been in my shoes and needed a quick fix to a funky smell in your apartment or office, you have probably come across several air fresheners. Well, most of the products available for sale online and local stores boast of refreshing fragrances. Nonetheless, Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener stands out elegantly. Since there are many rousing remarks on the product online, we decided to provide you with a detailed review. So here goes – by the way, I got the executive role!


Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener is a product of Reckitt Benckiser. It is one of the most popular air fresheners because of its fun, flowery, and honey fragrance – just what you need to spark up the ambiance of your living or working quarters.

Scientifically, it is known that a great smell is one of the most effective ways of upping your creativity and relaxation, as the case might be. It is common to find big establishments and organizations that invest in fragrances. If it’s considered vital enough by these companies, why don’t you replicate such an atmosphere in your home?

This product works with an automatic spray that dispenses fragrance at timed intervals. So, all through the day, your space is filled with a continuous supply of fragrances. Interestingly, the product lasts up to about 60 days, and you receive two refills – that’s a great deal for the amount of money you spent on it.

Additionally, there are three settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of fragrance to your desired level. In your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even your office, Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener provides you with the confidence to ask anyone into your space because you know it is always pleasuring and welcoming. Just in case anyone barges you unannounced, you won’t have to worry the way I did before I came across this product.

The complete package of this product includes two sets of double-A batteries and two refills. Since the product is made from various fragrances, ranging from fruity to flowery scents, it is no surprise that natural essential oils were used in producing it.

Furthermore, Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener has beautiful aesthetics that elegantly blends into your home and office décor. And just in case you are wondering how to operate it, that’s relatively easy. All you need to do is plug it in and enjoy the continuous supply of fragrances.


  • Automatic spray
  • Natural essential oils
  • Odor neutralization
  • Two refills
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Beautiful aesthetics


  • It is not motion sensed

What Is Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener Made From?

Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener is made from naturally sourced essential oils and flowery fragrances from different parts of the world. Depending on your purchase or order, this product is a mix of summer delights of fresh white florals, subtle vanilla, sweet melon, and any added scents.

I enjoy the tropical scent of my living quarters because of its calming, relaxing nature. At the same time, I use floral lavender for my office – the creative punch I get from it is priceless.

Our Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener Review

We strongly believe that this review will provide the necessary information that you need to make a purchase decision about Air Wick Freshmatic Air freshener. Although we assume that you will be able to tick all your boxes and find all that you need to refresh your space with beautiful fragrances, the decision is left to you.

This review is a collation of submissions from different individuals. We did this to ensure that all our bases are covered, providing you with a better perspective. The product has also been rated under different categories. Let’s check it all out.

Scent (8.4/10)

Right out of the package, you can smell the great fragrances from Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener. The occasional spray smells so well I don’t have to burn scented candles to create an ambiance that I love. Although it is small, easy to set up, and effective, the fragrances and smells from this product are satisfying enough to get me hooked. There is a high chance I will give a package of this to all my neighbors. I won’t mind if the entire street smells this good.

This product was particularly helpful in keeping the bathroom at work smelling fresh and clean. While we didn’t use any exotic fragrance, we could kick out the lingering smell of human waste and replace it with a tropical fruity scent; now I have the perfect reason to hide in one of the restroom stalls.

Although this product leaves the room with a stale smell when it is exhausted, I’ll bet every penny I own on the pleasuring, calming scent of Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener. I believe 8.4 is a fair score in describing the smell of this product.

Longevity (7.0/10)

A big thumbs up to the manufacturers of this product. I enjoyed it better than the regular plug-ins since it lasts longer. I have used the typical air fresheners, most of which lose their scent within two weeks or less. I tried out Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener on a whim; it was just a last-minute addition to my shopping cart. It turns out; it was probably the best purchase I made that day.

Although assembling it might take a bit of your time and it may not last up to 60 days as stated in the advert, the extra refills make io for any lapses on the manufacturer’s part. As I said, pay attention to setting it up carefully; otherwise, you might think it’s defective. At its lowest settings, Air Wick Freshmatic can keep your space smelling great. For longevity, it’s a 7.0. I could have scored it higher, but it seems the lavender fragrance fades faster than others.

Odor Elimination (7.5/10)

This is a fantastic product, absolutely refreshing. I was used to the funky smell of furs, sheddings, and litter with several pets in the house. It turns out I don’t have to spend days airing the place to get the air clean and clear again. Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener works like magic. All you have to do is plug it in and set the batteries. It is also essential that you put it higher than the ground; that way, the dispersion can spread evenly across the room.

It is a great deal. I eventually ended up ordering four more of this product for different rooms in the house. Although I started with the summer delight fragrance, I have added several other fragrances to specific rooms. Now, I enjoy the fresh, peculiar smell in each room; no longer do I have to tolerate the smells any cats and dogs leave all over the place. I can easily conclude that a score of 7.5 does justice to the odor elimination potential of Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener.

Value for Money (7.8/10)

This product came with just about everything. The complete package contains two sets of double-A batteries, two refills, and three months guarantee. What else would I have wanted? The price is considerably lower than most automatic air fresheners available for sale. While some people might argue that Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener costs more than the popular family spray, there isn’t a better deal elsewhere.

I believe the bundle is terrific for its price. I was expecting the cat litter smell in the bathroom to knock out the summer delight fragrance from this product, but three weeks in and the scent is still as refreshing as it was from the very start. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking for fragrances to get their spaces relaxing and welcoming. That being said, 7.8 is my final score for the value of money of Air Wick Freshmatic.

Final Score 7.7

After carefully analyzing all the pros and cons of Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener, it is clear why it is a top choice among customers and highly rated on Amazon. With the peculiar, refreshing fragrance from any of the varieties of the product, to its effective odor elimination and unique knack for longevity, it’s no wonder why we unanimously agreed on a final verdict score of 7.7

We believe that Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener will be the right product to liven up your home and office space. For you, it might be just the extra punch you need to land an executive role. Think about it; the ambiance is worth more than you are paying for.

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions and Answers

What Size Of Batteries Is Required For This Product?
Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener require two double-A batteries to function

Is This Product Motion Sensed?
No. Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener devices releases fragrance at adjustable timed intervals

How Much Square Footage Does It Cover?
Approximately 150 square feet, depending on the frequency and shape of the room

Is There Any Fragrance That Is Lilac Scented?
Yes. The refill product has some refill floral scents.

7.7 Total Score

Odor Elimination
Value for Money
  • Automatic spray
  • Natural essential oils
  • Odor neutralization
  • Two refills
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • It is not motion sensed
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