Helping you along the path to a better night's sleep!

Whether you are busy with being a mother, trying to finish a project or figuring out the next mathematical equation. None of these will be achieved nor completed without first having a good night rest.

Many great Caesers have fallen and a great many more writers have been born because of insomnia.

As they will tell you, a good rest before you go to work or school will make all the difference. Not only will it help improve how you perform. It will also change the mood in which you will do it. We all have had days we didn’t want to get out of the bed, and just needed an extra 9 more minutes!

This is why the Snoozzz was set up! Our goals are to help provide all the information, tips or help you need to get a better nights rest. We’re also working on a machine in secret to help stretch time so you can get a little longer sleep. Sadly, our scientists have not been able to crack the time-dilation just yet! ( but we will keep you updated when we do).

The site is set up in (mini)guides answering all sleep and sleepwear related questions. Want us to take a crack towards a certain “sleepy” subject? Feel free to email us all your suggestions!

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